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Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year's Address by the Moe-Representative of Miryang City

Thank you. Thank you, my fellow Koreans. Thank you for giving me a golden opportunity to speak in front of 51 million Koreans in this New Year Speech. For those who recognise me, I’m one of the Koihime Musou girls – Sun Quan, the Empress of Eastern Wu. In Korea, I use my personal name; known as Son Yeon-hwa.

For your information, 2016 is the stupidest year ever in Korea. Please note that 2016 is Byeongshin year and Byeongshin is literally means ‘Stupid’ in Korean. We are driven with the stupidity of the government that led by President Park Geun-hye. By judging on her leadership, it went seriously kaput. Only four percent of the respondents support her and the majority of them are the senior citizens with conservative background. The reasons behind of low approval ratings are the sinking of Sewol-ho, MERS outbreak, year-end tax adjustment controversy, Korean History textbook controversy and Choisoonsil-gate Scandal.

My fellow Koreans, majority of us are fed up with her maladministration. Not only for the working class, but the high school students and senior-citizens who despised her included as well. Look what she has done. Hanjin Shipping went bankrupt, allowing her confidante - Choi Soon-sil to meddle in Government and Private sectors’ affairs, harassment on high-profiled celebrities, chaebols and social medias and siphoning national revenues. I feel very sorry to our famous figure skater, Kim Yuna who was denied the 2015 Sportsman of the Year Award from Korean Sport & Olympic Committee despite being the overwhelming favourite based on her stellar performance at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The only reason for this issue is she refused callisthenics program sponsored by Choi Soon-sil’s crony, Cha Eun-taek. Rejecting the sponsorship will freeze out of government awards and subsidies.

We have a year remaining for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. However, in 2016, Choi and her cronies ensured that the Olympics would please Park Geun-hye’s personal sensibilities. Although Pyeongchang’s mascot was set as a tiger and a bear, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Kim Jong-deok, also Choi’s crony, insisted that the mascot should be changed to a Jindo dog, Park Geun-hye’s pet. This forced the Organisation Committee Chair Cho Yang-ho to make an emergency trip to the International Olympics Committee to change the mascot. Unfortunately, the IOC refused the change, apparently because Koreans eat dogs. Well, this is a bitter truth about us as Koreans.

Cho’s failure to change the mascot, as well as his tendency to require strict compliance with the bidding rules for the Olympics-related contracts, made him a thorn on Choi Soon-sil’s side. Eventually, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Kim Jong-deok forced Cho to resign from being the chairman of the Organisation Committee. Every single government servant forced to resign by Park’s confidante. Among of them are Yoo Jin-ryong and Hwang Kyo-ahn. Luckily for Prime Minister Hwang, he was appointed as Acting President after Park Geun-hye was impeached in December 9th 2016 by the National Assembly. I think that my partners, Liu Bei a.k.a Yoo Do-hyang and Huang Zhong a.k.a Hwang Ja-won will not be pleased by hearing the members in their clan were forced to resign by Park Geun-hye.

My fellow Koreans, it's been four years for us, the Koihime Musou girls reside in Korea since December 6th 2013, during the first year of Park Geun-hye's Presidency. She welcomed us with open arms. Hearing on what just happened in our adopted country in the recent four years is disappointing us. She betrayed not only our trust but the Koreans' trust in general. Currently, I served as the Moe-Representative of Miryang City, Southern Gyeongsang Province. My riding is controlled by the conservative Government-ruling Saenuri Party. I know this is wrong to criticise the President who belonged to the party but as a democratic Korean citizen, I ought to do so for the Better Korea

In 2017 - the JeongYu Year, we are endeavouring the changes made in our current government. We are calling for Saenuri Party Emergency Commission Chief, Pastor In Myung-jin to expel all Park Geunhye-backed ministers, in response to Park Geun-hye's Impeachment and Choisoonsil-gate scandal. The purge of the ministers is the best way to clean up the governmental misconduct occurred within Park Geun-hye's cabinet. If Park is stripped off from her post within six months or earlier than that - due to Choisoonsil-gate scandal, the presidential election will take place nationwide.

We hope that the clean and corruption-free government will take place after the Presidential Election in JeongYu Year (2017). We need the better leader to propel the Republic of Korea back into the track and seek the peaceful reunification with North Korea. That's all for today. I wish all of you Happy New Year 2017 and stay healthy as always in JeongYu Year. 

Thank you.