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Saturday, 6 August 2016

71st Anniversary of Gwangbokjeol Special, Countdown D-9: Korean Patriots from Hwang Clan

Madame Huang Zhong (Hwang Ja-won [황자원/黃紫苑) is here with the recipients of the Order of Merit for National Foundation; most of them originated from Hwang Clan with three different lineages in D-9 Countdown. The picture above is the National March 15th Democratic Uprising Cemetery a.k.a National Cemetery for Masan Uprising (국립3.15민주묘지/國立3.15民主墓地), located at 75, 3.15 Sanctuary Avenue/3.15 SeongYeok-ro, Guam-dong 544-1 beonji, Changwon MasanHoewon-gu, Southern Gyeongsang Province.

* Footnote: Ja-won is Korean Renderization for her real name in Japanese, 'Shion'.