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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

71st Anniversary of Gwangbokjeol Special, Countdown D-12: Korean Patriots from Miryang Son Clan

The D-12 Countdown features Sun Quan (Son Yeon-hwa [손연화/孫蓮華]) with the recipients of the Order of Merit for National Foundation and Order of Military Merit; most of them originated from Miryang Son Clan. The picture above is the Old Clan House of Miryang Son (밀양 다죽리 손씨고가/密陽 茶竹里 孫氏古家) at Dajuk-ri, SanOe-myeon, Miryang City, Southern Gyeongsang Province.

* Footnote: Yeon-hwa is Korean Renderization for her real name in Japanese, 'Renfa'.