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Monday, 12 October 2015

Koihime Musou Girls and Famous Bespectacled Koreans, Part V: Cottage Roh Edition!

The coalition of Cottage Roh Clan is formed between Gyoha Roh and Gwangju-Gwangsan Roh Clans. Eight bespectacled Roh clansmen will be introduced in this column. One more thing, they are all gentlemen.
  • Noh Joo-hyun (노주현/盧宙鉉 - Gwangju) = born as Noh Woon-young (노운영/盧運永) on August 19th 1946 in Seoul, he is a Korean Actor who starred in the film entitled The Art of Seduction and drama entitled Potato Star 2013QR3.
  • General Roh Jae-hyun (노재현/盧載鉉 - Gyoha) = born on August 8th 1926 in Masan City (present-day Masan District, Unified Changwon City), Southern Gyeongsang Province, he is the 20th Chief of Staff of the Republic of Korea Army (ROKA). He is known with his pen name of Seokbong (석봉/奭峯). In 1975, he became Joint Chief of Staff of Republic of Korea until 1977. Later, he became the Minister of National Defense until his resignation on December 14th 1979, due to Double Twelfth Coup which is initiated by Hanahoe - leaded by President Chun Doo-hwan and his aide, President Roh Tae-woo.
  • Roh Shin-young (노신영/盧信永 - Gwangju) = born on February 28th 1930 in Gangseo County, Southern Pyeongan Province at the present-day DPRK, he is the 18th Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea. He is known with his pen name of Hakcheon (학천/鶴泉). After his tenure as PM ended on May 25th 1987, he became the 19th Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs (1974-1976) before he promoted to 18th Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1980. 
  • Roh Jai-bong (노재봉/盧在鳳 - Gwangju) = born on February 8th 1936 in Masan City (present-day Masan District, Unified Changwon City), Southern Gyeongsang Province, he is the 22nd Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea. In prior to his position as PM, he became the 16th Chairman of the Republic of Korea Presidential Office in 1990.
  • No Jin-hyuk (노진혁/盧珍赫 - Gyoha) = born on July 15th 1989 in Gwangju Metropole, he is a South Korean shortstop for the NC Dinos in the Korea Baseball Organization. He bats left-handed and throws right-handed.
  • Roh Young-min (노영민/盧英敏 - Gyoha) = born on November 25th 1957 in the Unified City of Cheongju, Northern Chungcheong Province, he is the Assemblyman of Cheongju Heungdeok-gu for three consecutive sessions (2004-2016) under New Politics Alliance for Democracy Ticket. 
  • Roh Dae-rae (노대래/盧大來 - Gyoha) = born in 1956 at Seocheon County, Southern Chungcheong Province, he is the 17th Chairman of Korea Fair Trade Commission. In prior to his former post, he became 28th Chairman of Public Procurement Service (2010-2011) and 6th Chairman of Defense Acquisition Program Administration (2011-2013).
  • Roh Hang-lae (노항래/盧恒來 - Gyoha) = born on February 10th 1961, he is a South Korean Politician who sided three different Political Parties, starting from Uri Party, United Progressive Party and Justice Party. He was the proportional representative #10 for United Progressive Party in the 19th Session of the National Assembly. Unfortunately, he withdrew from his post after UPP dissolved by Constitutional Court of Korea due to sabotage plot against Saenuri-ruled South Korean Government.