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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Koihime Musou Girls and Famous Bespectacled Koreans, Part I: Kwak Edition

The search of Famous Koreans with Koihime Musou Girls is not complete without famous people who wears the GLASSES. Guo Jia (Hangul: 곽가) wears the glasses, so I associate the famous bespectacled Koreans who bears the surname of Kwak. Please note that these seven famous Korean People are the members of Hyeonpung-Posan Kwak Clan. For those who don't have any idea who are they, I will explain in brief, clockwise from left:
  • Kwak Seung-nam (곽승남/郭勝南) - Born in Seoul on January 23rd 1975, he is multi-talented Korean actor, singer and composer.
  • Kwak Sang-hoon (곽상훈/郭尙勳) - Born in Dongnae County, Southern Gyeongsang Province (present-day Busan Metropole) on October 21st 1896, known with his pen name SamYeon (삼연/三然) - he is a South Korean Politician and Korean Independence Activist before Korea liberated from Imperial Japanese Forces on August 15th 1945 (Gwangbokjeol). He was the Speaker of the National Assembly of South Korea for 4th and 5th sessions in the Second Republic and Assemblyman for Incheon-gap (Incheon First Electoral District; May 31st 1948 - May 30th 1950) and Incheon-eul (Incheon Second Electoral District) for next four sessions. He died at Ui-dong, Seoul Gangbuk-gu on January 19th 1980.
  • Kwak Do-won (곽도원/郭度沅) - Born as Kwak Byung-kyu (곽병규/郭柄珪) on May 17th 1974, he is a South Korean actor. He is best known as a supporting actor, notably in the films The Yellow Sea (2010), Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time (2012), and The Attorney (2013).
  • Kwak Byung-sun (곽병선/郭柄善) - Born at North Jiandao (Gando in Korean), Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, People's Republic of China in 1942, he is the former director of Kyungin Women's University (KIWU). He was in charge of Education and Science Bureau of the Committee of the Preparation for the Inauguration of 18th President of Republic of Korea, Park Geun-hye.
  • Kwak In-ho (곽인호/郭寅浩) - Born on January 9th 1963, he is an actor who portrayed as King Micheon, 15th King of Goguryeo Kingdom in the Historical Drama entitled The King of Legend: King Geunchogo.
  • Kwak Jong-won (곽종원/郭鍾元) - Born in Goryeong County, Northern Gyeongsang Province on May 3rd 1915, known with his pen name Chunpa (춘파/春波) and Japanese name of Shomoto Iwatani (岩谷鍾元) where his first name, Shomoto is Japanized name for Jong-won. He was a literature critic and essayist. From 1955 to 1968, he was the professor in Sookmyung Women's University. He became the director of Konkuk University from 1971 to 1980. He died on August 27th 2001 in Seoul.
  • Kwak Ui-jin (곽의진/郭義珍) - Born at Bunto-ri, Gunnae-myeon, Jindo County, Southern Jeolla Province in May 27th 1945, she was an essayist, novelist and poet. She bagged three literary prizes in 1983, 1998 and 2006. She died on May 25th 2014 in her hometown of Jindo County. 

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