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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Moe-Korea's Dev Log, Part XII: How Koihime Musou Girls invaded Korea?

In this Moe-Korea's Development Blog, I will tell a story behind the Conquest of Koihime Musou Girls on Korea. Koihime Musou is a prolific Japanese eroge and strategy game based on the classic Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It was developed by BaseSon, and was first released on January 26, 2007, for the PC as two DVD-ROMs, followed by a re-release on April 11, 2008, containing an extra CD-ROM. The gameplay in Koihime Musou follows a linear plot line, which offers pre-determined scenarios and courses of interaction, and focuses on the appeal of the female main characters.

A new version of Koihime with many new characters Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Ryōran Sangokushi Engi (真・恋姫†無双 〜乙女繚乱☆三国志演義〜) was released on December 26, 2008. A third version of Koihime Shin Koihime Musou: Moe Shouden (真・恋姫†無双~萌将伝~) was released on July 23, 2010. Another game named Shin Koihime Eiyuutan has been developed recently and divided into three storylines based on the Chinese Three Kingdoms: Shu, Wei and Wu.

An Online Version of this game, Web Koihime Musou was developed and adapted by GJP. For your information, Shin Koihime Musou won the Grand Prize for Moe-Style Game in 2009 because of sumptuous moe element in this game.

In 2011, Korean Subsidiary of Gamania has announced the new promotion video for Web Koihime Musou in October 2011 and that game will be introduced in the end of the year 2011. Taking a footstep after Japan, these three gorgeous gender-swapped teenager fighting warlords with their retainers of Chinese Three Kingdoms are expected to sweep Korea off its feet. 

In December 2013, Moonblock Inc. and High1 Entertainment developed a TCG game for Android-based Phones entitled '연희몽상/Yeonhui Mongsang'. This game available in T-Store in Korea but you must fill in the 성인인증 (Seong-in Injeung) or roughly known as Adult Registration Form in Korean. This is because this game contains H-Scenes.

For the lighter version without X-Rated Content, Daum Games, a subsidiary of daumkakao Group together with MoonBlock Inc. launched '연희삼국/Yeonhui Samguk' for kakao recently in 2015. This game will link to your Kakaotalk application on your phone. 

Introducing two key people who brought Koihime Musou Girls to Korea: Lee Jeong-hoon of Moonblock Inc. and Shim Kyu-baek of High1 Entertainment.

Sooner and after, these girls will rumble on the Korean Soil.