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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Koihime Musou Girls and Korean Clans, Part XXVII: Wie (위/魏)

Wie (위/魏), romanized as Wi in Korean Revised-Romanization is an uncommon Korean Surname which means 'The ancient state of Wei' in Sino-Korean Language, similar to Chinese Wei. It was ranked the 122nd most common Chinese surname in 2006 and 77th most common Korean surname in 2000.

Historically speaking, people with surname Wei are the descendents of imperial clan. Dating back to Western Zhou Dynasty, after conquering the Shang Dynasty (which was also known as Yin Dynasty), King Wu began to enfeoff his brothers generously. Granted with the capital of Shang Dynasty and its surrounding places as well as seven clans of the conquered Shang Dynasty, Kang Shu, brother of King Wu founded the State of Wei with its capital in Chaoge (today's Qi county in central China's Henan province). From then on, offspring of Wei imperial family took the title of their nation Wei as their surname. In that sense, Kang Shu was the ancestor of surname Wei.

However, State Wei moved its capital several times after being defeated by other States, and became weaker and weaker. It was later destroyed by States of Qin and Wei in Warring States period. Although the State was wiped out, descendents of Wei lived and multiplied peacefully up to modern times.

Apart from that, the change of surname by other ethnic minorities also constituted the enlargement of surname Wei. During Northern and Southern Dynasties, a nomadic tribe Xianbei entered the central plain and some of Xianbei minority took surname Wei during their adoption of Han civilization.

Back in Korea, there are 28,675 people in 8,908 families who bear the surname of Wie, based on the 2000 Korean Republic Census - provided by Statistics Korea (통계청/統計廳/Tonggyecheong/KOSTAT). The Jangheung Lineage, a clan which is originated from Jangheung County, Southern Jeolla Province is the most dominant among Wie Clan where this lineage consists of 24,564 people in 7,711 families.

Jangheung Wie Clan (장흥 위씨/長興魏氏) also known as Hoeju Wie Clan (회주 위씨/懷州魏氏) was founded by Wie Gyeong (위경/魏鏡), a Chinese Tang Scholar who migrated to Silla Kingdom during the reign of Queen Seondeok Kim Deok-man, the 27th Monarch of Silla Kingdom. He was granted a dukedom, which is known as Duke of Hoeju (회주군/懷州君), where Hoeju is the old name of Jangheung County.

The 15th Generation-Descendant of Wie Chang-joo (위창주/魏菖珠), Wie Deok-ryong (위덕룡/魏悳龍) had four sons and only three sons represented the branch clans (공파/公派) of Jangheung Wie Clan. However the fourth son of Wie Deok-ryong, Wie Ja-gyeom (위자검/魏自儉) had no sons to inherit the branch clan so his branch lineage ended without any issue. Only the first to third sons of Wie Deok-ryong made the branch clans of Wie Lineage with their issues as shown in below:
  • Wie Ja-on (위자온/魏自溫)
    • Neungju Branch (능주파/綾州派) - Wie Jong-hyung (위종형)
  • Wie Ja-ryang (위자량/魏自良)
    • Gwansan Branch (관산파/冠山派) - Wie Yoo-hyung (위유형)
    • Haeng-won Branch (행원파/杏園派) - Wie Yoo-jeong (위유정)
    • Yeocheon Branch (여천파/麗川派) - Wie Jong-no (위종노)
  • Wie Ja-gong (위자공/魏自恭)
    • Sawol Branch (사월파/沙月派) - Wie Dan (위단)
    • Gwanbuk Branch (관북파/關北派) - Wie Don (위돈)