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Monday, 24 August 2015

Admin's Rants and Shits, Part VII: Malaysian Political and Currency Turmoil, at glance - out from the K-Pill

Malaysia is in boiling point just now. I have resided in this country since I was born on 1991 (oh crap, it almost 24 years!) and I can't imagine how worse the nation become in terms of twisted facts and declination of Ringgit Malaysia against US Dollar. At the same time, I can't imagine that the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak failed to administer my nation due to numerous of shitty reasons. Shite, I don't want to call him Najib anymore; just call Jibby Jibbs Junior. Precisely to say that Jibby is the Worst Prime Minister ever in Malaysia. 

What the fuck is he doing with this RM2.6 billion???
RM 2.6 billion is equivalent to USD 700 million. It is believed that such greater amount is channeled into Jibby's personal account. Some twisted facts show that RM 2.6 million in his personal account is a donation from Saudi Billionaire, donation for championing Islam who practising Ahli Sunnah wal Jamaah (Sunnis for short) and donation for curbing ISIS terrorist activities. On those twisted facts, most of them are too good to be true even though I don't believe a single shit about those allegations.

In my opinion, it is gravely prohibited to involve any religions regarding to this hot issue because the statements will become negative perceptions; especially on Islam, in the point of view of Non-Muslims. The Malaysian Citizens are tired of twist of lies from Jibby and his cabinet, so am I. Nevertheless, they demand the truth behind this huge slush donations from Jibby himself, without any lies and twists. 

Ringgit decline: Boon or Bane?
1 USD is equal to RM4.18, based on today's Forex. I think this is not a good news for us to do a Moe-Korean tour. Once I make a project for Moe-Korea blog, I spend about RM125.40. For the previous project, I spent approximately RM110 for a project. That means the weaker Malaysian Ringgit gives a negative impact for us to do a project regarding to moe stuffs and Korea.

Weaker Ringgit gives a green light for tourists to visit Malaysia. So they can spend shopping in my country until they drop. In addition, foreign students will choose this country to pursue higher education because not only the cost (of studies) is cheaper but the courses offered are of quality.

Malaysians who work abroad will gain the benefits from weaker ringgit. They can pay the remaining debts of Educational Loans such as PTPTN, MARA and JPA easily. Plus, they can buy a luxury houses or apartments in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and luxury performance cars, WITHOUT ANY LOANS. Pretty interesting, isn't it?

However, weaker Ringgit gives impact to Malaysian students who study aboard. I give an example, my cousin - Syafiq Saffre who studied Bachelor of Medicine at Jordan University for Science and Technology (JUST) in Irbid, Jordan. For every semester, he will receive about 169 Jordanian Dinar and 492 Jordanian fils (1 Jordanian Dinar is equivalent to RM 5.90). At the same time, his father, Saffre Sabtu who works at Petron Oil Refinery Factory in my hometown has to double his effort, in order to support his son who study aboard in the Hashemite Kingdom.

I heard a story from my uncle, Aminuddin Shamsudin - whom I called him Pak Tam Ishan about his life in United Kingdom, when he was study abroad. He had to do part-time jobs in order to earn pocket money for his daily needs in UK. I afraid if the Ringgit declines, our students MUST have to earn their pocket money by doing part-time jobs, and these may include prostitution as well. Man! For ALLAH's sake!

Malaysian tourists may face this problem when exchanging Malaysian Ringgit to the other currencies in any particular countries. Malaysian Ringgit is ineligible for exchange in China because of weaker currency. That means they have to do two tasks, exchanging Ringgit to US Dollar and then to Chinese Yuan. At that time, Ringgit price is on application (Status POA).

I think I've enough with this shitty government. You know what? I'm proud to be Malaysian because I was born in this fertile country but NOT LIKE THIS. High taxes, bed-ridden debts, distrust against government, reasonably cheap car sold in high price etc. etc. etc. I think Malaysia will become bankrupt, same as Greece. Seriously, Jibby's cabinet STILL not aware of this situation. Shite.