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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Moe-Korea's Dev Log, Part X: Three Years and still going STRONG.

Its been three years since I stretched my fingers to start my blog based on Moe and Korean Stuffs in the final months of Imjin Year (2012). I started this blog when I worked together with my American Partner, Jo Ryan Salazar since I met him during DeviantART days in Gyeongin Year (2010). Our partnership for five years comes to fruition, when the blog has reached 100K pageviews in three years. 

I've received good reviews and backlashes from audiences about this blog. Even though I'm just a mere foreigner who adores Korea but not fluent in speaking Korean, I can utilize on how to type Hangul characters by using 2-Beolsik Typing Interface which is provided by Microsoft IME with a slight chance of typo error. Plus, I can understand a little bit of Korean Language. If I received a malicious comments from some Koreans with a handful of Ssangsiot-word (similar to f-word in English), I will delete those comments because of their immature and overemotional views.

First of all, I've associated all eight Rozen Maiden dolls which includes the fake seventh with six-digit South Korean Postal Codes, as mentioned in my article posted on September 21st 2013 (Gyesa Year) about on how I get the inspiration to start my blog. Now, I've fallen in love with Koihime Musou - a prolific erotic game (eroge) series produced by Baseson because most of the characters are using the same surnames as the Koreans. This eroge based on Chinese Three Kingdoms Period. I've surfed to Wikipedia about the biographies of warlords in English at the first time and I tried to read in Korean about them. Coincidentally, their surnames are absolutely same as the Koreans and some clans are rooted from Chinese Three Kingdoms Warlords for example, Jegal Clan or Zhuge Clan was founded by Zhuge Gui or Jegal Kyu in Korean, father of Zhuge Liang

I've written about three sections for Koihime Musou column which are Koihime Musou Girls and Famous Koreans, Koihime Musou Girls and Korean Clans and Koihime Musou Girls and Korean Clans' Influence in Korea. About 80-90 posts are posted this far and the next post about them will be coming soon. In addition, I've tried to decode their names in Korean. Only a handful of girls having their names pronounced based on her personal and courtesy names. Unfortunately, their names seem to be 'burnt' and uncomfortable to pronounce it. So, I decided to choose their Korean Name based on Korean given name search engine in Korea such as Irumy Korean Name Analyzer. I have to think numerous times for choosing their proper names. When I choose their names which is easily to remember or comfortable to call them, I feel very relieved. 

Further ado, I would like to thank you for American, Korean and Malaysian viewers who supported my blog for three years. Thanks to you, my blog was reaching 100K pageviews milestone and I hope you will support us for spreading Moe Love to Korean Peninsula. 

ALLAH Kore Cumhuriyeti'yi Korusun.
Kore Cumhuriyeti Çok Yaşa!

God protects Korean Republic.
Long Live the Korean Republic!

하느님이여, 대한민국을 지켜 주소서.
대한민국 만세!