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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Koihime Musou Girls and Famous Koreans, LARGE Edition! (Part VI): Sun Qian and Son Dong-woon (BEAST)

Son Dong-Woon (Hangul/Hanja: 손동운/孫東雲; Born: June 6th 1991 in Busan), more commonly known as just Dong Woon, is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. He is the vocalist and youngest member of the Korean boy group Beast. He is a member of Gyeongju Son Clan (경주 손씨/慶州孫氏), a clan which is originated from Gyeongju City, Northern Gyeongsang Province - Royal Capital of Silla Kingdom.

Dong Woon's father, Son Il-rak (손일락), is a professor at Cheongju University. Dong Woon stated in an interview and in the KBS show Win Win that he studied in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines. Dong Woon was a trainee from JYP Entertainment for 2 years, and was the last member chosen to join BEAST. He is the youngest of the group.

Dong Woon is known for his more Western look compared to the other members which he gets from his mother who harbors more Western aesthetics. He also has various talents such as speaking Chinese as well as playing the piano and electric flute. Dong Woon attended Hanyoung High School and currently attends Dongguk University majoring in Theatre.

In December 2010, Dong Woon released a digital single album "Udon" together with Davichi’s Kang Min-kyung. However, it is said that by the composers of ‘Udon' that the title of the song is in Japanese, hence the main 3 broadcasting networks confirmed that they will not be showing on television.

In April 2012, Dong Woon released “In the Cloud” for Shinsadong Tiger’s 'Supermarket_another Half'. On May 22nd 2012, Cube Entertainment revealed that Dong Woon will release his first solo album "Kimishika" on July 1 before officially beginning his Japanese debut promotions.