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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Koihime Musou Girls and Famous Koreans, X-tra LARGE Edition! (Part I): Tian Feng and Jeon Yeo-ok

Jeon Yeo-ok (Hangul/Hanja: 전여옥/田麗玉; born April 9, 1959 in Seoul) is a conservative female South Korean politician who came from a journalist background. Jeon obtained Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at Ewha Womans University and Master of Arts in Political Science at Sogang University. She is a member of Damyang Jeon Clan (담양 전씨/潭陽田氏), a clan which is originated from Damyang County, Southern Jeolla Province. As a devout Roman Catholic, she received her baptismal name 'Clara' (Kor: 클라라).

Of a pro-Lee Myung-bak background, she is known for expressing unsatisfying discontent against Park Geun-hye who regained control of the Saenuri Party (formally the Grand National Party). She was not nominated during the party nomination process for the 2012 legislative election as one of the close supporters of Lee Myung-bak. Until then, she was considered as the main rival of Park Geun-hye.

After she withdrew from the Saenuri Party, she joined a party which is called K Party (Kor: 국민생각/Gungmin Saenggak). She competed on the Proportional Representation for the 19th Session of Korean Republic National Assembly. However, she lost the seat with the lowest vote, 156,241 votes (0.7%). In prior to her position, she was an assemblywoman for Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gap (Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu 1st Electoral District) in the 18th Session of Korean Republic National Assembly under Grand National Party Ticket.

Remind me to never, never turn on Jeon Yeo-ok, because she will freaking cut you. Jeon, recently cut loose from the new-looking Saenuri Party (after her defeat in Proportional Representation Elections, she is unaffiliated with any political parties in Korea), she has been focusing her vitriolic firepower to Park Geun-Hye. A quick highlight of Jeon’s greatest hits against Park Geun-Hye:
  • “Park Geun-Hye always replies in short words . . . at first, people thought there was some deep meaning behind those words. But that was it. In some ways, they are the same as the baby talk by children learning how to speak.”
  • “She is a type of person who should never be a leader.”
  • “Park Geun-Hye did not take after her father’s advanced vision for the country at all.”
  • “Park Geun-Hye has no conservative identity. She is a patient suffering from the ‘president fever’.”
  • “She would go clubbing wearing a crown. But the club manager would put her behind a column keep the water quality up.”  [“water quality” is a slang for average hotness of women in a club or a bar]
  • “Her staff was sent out to buy a shampoo for her, but the brand she uses was no longer in market. I have no idea why she does not use the newer brands. She does not even eat a hamburger with her hands. She would only eat a burger after a staffer handed her a fork and a knife.”
  • “I was not satisfied with Park Geun-Hye’s intellectual and cognitive abilities. I consider very important a person’s intellectual abilities. And a good leader is always a good reader. She does not read many books. I saw her bookcase — it did not have many books, and the books lacked a theme. They were the kinds of books that one would receive for free.”

Clara Jeon Yeo-ok's Publications:
  • There is no Japan (Kor: 일본은 없다/Ilbon-eun eopda)
  • There is Korean Republic (Kor: 대한민국은 있다/DaehanMingug-eun Itda)
  • Ladies, Please become Terrorist (Kor: 여성이여, 테러리스트가 되라/Yeoseong-iyeo, Terrorist-ga Doe-ra)
  • Ladies, Feel and Explore It (Kor: 여성이여, 느껴라 탐험하라/Yeoseong-iyeo, Neukkyeora Tamheomhara)
  • Desperation @ No Fear (Kor: 간절히 @ 두려움 없이/Ganjeolhi @ Duryeoum Eopsi)
  • Drinking Beer from Sapporo (Kor: 삿포로에서 맥주를 마시다/Sapporo-eseo Maekju-reul Masida)
  • Stormy Battlefield (Kor: 폭풍전야/Pokpung Jeon-ya)
  • i - Jeon Yeo-ok (Kor: i-전여옥)
  • Pride and Incapable - Goodbye, Madame Park's Country (Kor: 오만과 무능 - 굿바이 朴의 나라/Oman-gwa Muneung - Goodbye Park-ui Nara)