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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Koihime Musou Girls and Famous Koreans, LARGE Edition! (Part V): Zhou Tai and Ji Hyun-woo (Joo Hyung-tae)

Ji Hyun-woo (Hangul/Hanja: 지현우/智鉉寓; Born: November 29th 1984 in Seoul), whose born as Joo Hyung-tae (주형태/周亨太) is a South Korean actor and musician. He was formerly the lead guitarist for Korean indie rock band The Nuts and is best known for his leading role in tvN's drama entitled Queen In-hyun's Man (인현왕후의 남자). His older brother, Ji Hyun-soo (Joo Yoon-chae) is a keyboardist for the rock band group N.EX.T.

Ji Hyun-woo officially made his debut as an actor in 2003. His popularity increased in 2004 with the sitcom-turned movie Old Miss Diary. Besides acting, Ji is also talented musically. He started as a session guitarist for the second album of Korean band Moonchild. Then in 2004, he along with Park Joon-shik (vocals) and Kim Hyun-joong (bass) formed rock band The Nuts.

In 2005, Ji played Danny Zuko in a Korean staging of the musical Grease, which released its cast recording. He has also contributed to the soundtracks of several of his films and television series. Ji continued to star on the small and big screen, among them the TV dramas Over the Rainbow (2006), Merry Mary (2007), My Sweet Seoul (2008), My Precious You (2008), Invincible Lee Pyung-kang (2009), Becoming a Billionaire (2010), and A Thousand Kisses (2011). He also appeared in the films Attack the Gas Station 2 (2009) and Mr. Idol (2011).

In 2011 Ji released his first solo single Crescendo, comprising three songs which Ji wrote and composed, and which was produced by his older brother Ji Hyun-soo who is also a member of rock band N.EX.T. He was one of the season 2 hosts of Invincible Youth, a variety program based on members of popular girl groups experiencing the rural countryside of Korea.

In 2012, he starred in the fantasy romance Queen In-hyun's Man on cable channel tvN, in which he played a time-traveling Joseon scholar who falls in love with an actress in the 21st century (played by Yoo In-na). Ji enlisted for his mandatory military service on August 7th 2012 with the Chuncheon 102nd Reserve Forces. He was due to enlist in July but it was delayed for one month while he recovered from a back injury suffered during the filming of Queen In-hyun's Man.

In January 2013, Ji starred in military musical The Promise. It was co-produced by the Ministry of National Defense and Korea Musical Theatre Association, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the signing of the armistice. It ran from 9 to 20 January at the National Theater of Korea, with a cast composed of actors Kim Mu-yeol and Jung Tae-woo, as well as singers Leeteuk of Super Junior, Yoon Hak of Supernova, and Lee Hyun of 8Eight. The musical is centered around a group of soldiers who keeps a promise made to each other during the Korean War. He was discharged on May 6th 2014.

For his first post-army project, Ji was cast as a genius songwriter/musician who helps the heroine become a trot singer despite his distaste for the musical genre, in the romantic comedy series Trot Lovers. Then in 2015, he played a naive, idealistic homeroom teacher who falls for a housewife masquerading as a high school student in Angry Mom.