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Monday, 29 June 2015

Inside Changdeokgung, Part IX: Uiduhap Pavilion

Uiduhap Pavilion (Hanja: 倚斗閤) was built by Crown Prince Hyomyeong Yi Yeong (효명세자 이영/孝明世子 李旲) a.k.a Posthumous King Munjo-Ikjong of Joseon Dynasty as a place of study, reading, and contemplation. Unlike other royal structures, the architecture is conservative and not decorated with vivid paintwork. It is one of the most modest buildings at Changdeok Palace.

The structure was built in 1827 (27th Reigning Year of King Sunjo) by Crown Prince Hyomyeong who was the first son of King Sunjo - the 23rd Monarch of Joseon Dynasty (1790-1834; Reigned: 1800-1834). Along with Aeryeonjeong Pavilion, these are the only buildings in the palace that face north to allow more sunlight for reading and contemplation.

Crown Prince Hyomyeong only lived to be 21. Known for his intelligence and fine character, he handled state affairs on behalf of his father from the age of 18. He is commemorated in an album of six scenes created to celebrate the commencement of his learning at the Seonggyun-gwan, one of a number of documentary paintings (gungjung girokhwa/궁중기록화 of the Joseon dynasty).