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Monday, 1 June 2015

Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae, Southern Gyeongsang: Architectural Ceramics in the Royal Capital of Geumgwan Gaya Kingdom

Clayarch is a compound word of Clay meaning soil and Arch meaning Architecture. It holds the fundamental spirit of ClayArch that aims at future development of Architectural Ceramic field through collaboration of science, art, education and industry. Today, architecture is the important art reflecting age & culture through the developments of the various materials and technology. 

Clayarch Gimhae Museum at 275-51 Jillye Avenue/Jillye-ro, Songjeong-ri 358-beonji, Jillye-myeon, Gimhae City, Southern Gyeongsang Province aims to play a leading role in the development of architectural ceramics, which are now spreading across the globe. It intends to do so by rediscovering the relationship between ceramics and architecture – a matter that has been relatively ignored – as a new direction for ceramic art. This reflects the pluralism of this time, which seeks to pursue something creative and new and to overcome the limitations of specific fields through working with different genres. The museum seeks to actively lead this artistic attempt, and make aesthetic and scientific achievements in this field with theoretical backing gained through academic activities, lectures, and research. 

The most important character of ClayArch Gimhae Museum is 'Fired Painting' of 4400 Ceramic tiles surrounding the outer walls of a pavilion, and it's the first collection of ClayArch. The pavilion itself composed of "Fired Painting' is the work of Ceramic, Architecture and Painting. Also, 'Glass Dome' covering the ceiling of Central Hall helps communications among the spectators and enhances the spirit of ClayArch as opened space. In addition, the rectangular 'Flagstone' from the entrance to the pavilion was used for buildings like palaces or castles of ancient China and it sets out the whole view of museum together with round pavilion. The pavilion is the central axis of ClayArch Gimhae Museum and it's the space for the various events including exhibitions of planned, special & regular and events of scientific & educational.

The training center is the space for the various experiments, studies and work productions for the development of Architectural ceramic. It'll take a role of international exchange window for Architectural ceramic field which the experts all over the world including potters, architects, painters, sculptors & curators introduce and exchange their experiences, technologies, information & ideas.

The Experience center connected with the second floor of the training center is the ceramic experiencing space for the public having interests in soil experience. The experience center for ceramic practice of ceramic lovers & amateur potters is the one-story building, and it's divided into studio & kiln room.

Located at the right of the 1F pavilion entrance, Museum Shop exhibits and sells the various books on Architectural ceramic, souvenirs & idea goods developed by the authors, and it's a concept space showing unique image of ClayArch Gimhae Museum.

Around Museum, outdoor walks & picnic park are built up in order to provide the spectators with comfortable time & space with nature after seeing exhibitions. Along the walks, 'ClayArch Tower' taking a role of lighthouse of ClayArch Museum is installed at the back of the hill as height of 20m, so you can see the location & direction of the Museum from a long distance. 'Fire Painting' of over 1000 pieces also surrounds 'ClayArch Tower' and the unity of the appearance can be done by using oblique line pattern of ClayArch own as a symbol of the primitive art.