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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Moe-Korea's Dev Log, Part VIII: Significance on two erotic main banners.

Frankly speaking, I've made two erotic main banners on my blog. For the first banner in thirteenth part, I've featured all heroines from Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai in two main eroges: Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai-A good librarian like a good sheperd and Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai-Dreaming Sheep. Most of the heroines are made by Bekkankou except for Sakuya Fujimiya and Nozomi Toki - made by Natsuno Io. For the Korean Description, I used Korean Mixed Script which consist Hangul and Hanja - with the title in English, "Moe Girls' Korean Story, Part XIII (X-Rated): Attack on Brothels-Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai Edition". Oh man, such a cute expression of these girls while having a sexual intercourse!

The recent banner featured all heroines from Walkure Romanze Series. Now, I can say the true nature of having intense hardcore sexual intercourse. By adding ahegao element on this banner, I add a picture of G-Dragon who expressed dismay on these girls showing their erotic expression while having sex by saying, "These girls are totally going crazy. Tsk Tsk." For the Korean Description, I used 100% Hangul - with the title in English, "Moe Girls' Korean Story, Part XV (X-Rated): Korea's Erotic Face (Ahegao) Festival-Walkure Romanze Edition.

The similarity on these pictures is these pictures are taken at Cheongnyangni 588, located at Jeonnong 2-dong, Seoul Dongdaemun-gu. Cheongnyangni 588 is the heart of Prostitution in Seoul along with big two brothels in Korea - Busan Seo-gu Wanwol-dong 1~2-ga (Chungmu-dong 2~3-ga) and Daegu Jagalmadang. 588 is a code meaning for the Korean word: 오빠 빨리 빨리/Oppa Ppalli Ppalli which roughly means in English as "Hey brother! Come Quick!" The word 청소년통행금지구역 means No go Zone for the Minors in Korean. 

19금/禁 is the Korean Standard rating for R-Rated or X-rated. Japan uses 18禁 to indicate all ero-manganime but in Korea, number 18 is a taboo. 18 is 십팔/Ship-pal in Korean but this number is correlated to the word 씨발/Ssibal which means fuck. That's why all erotic movies and hen-tie manganime is classified as 19 in Korea due to the taboo.