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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Daecheong Lake, Daejeon Daedeok-gu: Third Largest Artificial Lake in Korea

Daecheong Lake (Hanja: 大淸湖) is an artificial lake created through desalination upon completion of the Daecheong Dam in December 1980. Located at the precinct of Miho-dong, Daejeon Daedeok-gu; multi-purpose dam consisting of a 72m-tall and 495m-long concrete gravity dam and rockfill dam. It is located where Eastern Sector of Daejeon Metropole (Daejeon Daedeok-gu) and Western Sector of Northern Chungcheong Province (Unified Cheongju City) meet. 

LOHAS Happy Road at the Geum River, which has become a nationally renowned tourist destination is situated in the close vicinity along with numerous natural ecology and cultural tourism resources including Hyeonamsa situated half-way up the Mount Gubong, Daecheong Dam Aquatic Promotions Center, Daecheong Dam Observatory, Chuibaekjeong and Cheongnamdae, making it and ideal LOHAS Ecological Tour course.

Due to construction of the dam, the beautiful village where 26,000 residents of 4,075 households lived in the areas being flooded by the Daecheong Lake has become a land only in their memories of leisurely life of swimming, fishing in the river as well as the beautiful and exotic riverside village atmosphere that cannot be visited again. They had to be relocated from their homeland to the urban centers of Sintanjin and Daejeon, and as far as the landfill area and clustered settlement in industrial estate in Namyang.

Daecheong Lake, by putting its painful memories of the past behind, has become a resting place for the souls of the residents of Daejeon and Chungcheong Province, and a renowned tourist destination visited by more than 2 million visitors annually.

Diverse range of ecological tourist destinations such as LOHAS Happy Road at the Geum River, San-Ho-Bit Daecheong Park, Samjeong-dong Ecological floating wetland, Ihyeon-dong giant silver grass wetland are situated in the areas surrounding the Daecheong Lake, and Cheongnamdae (former summer house for the President of Korean Republic), Hyeonamsa, Daecheong Lake Sculpture Park and Aquatic Promotions Center in close vicinity. 

The observatory, located at Palgakjeong Service Area, offers a great view of Daecheong Lake . A variety of fascinating items are displayed in the Water Culture Center (물문화관) on the left bank of Daecheong Dam. A nearby grassy meadow promises a relaxing and comfortable rest, while local delicacies such as freshwater fish stew and marinated grilled eel are a delight to taste.