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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Confucian Confusions in Korea, Part XXVII: Changgye-Sungjeolsa Shrine, Daejeon Jung-gu - A Shrine Venerated to Park Paeng-nyeon of Six Martyred Ministers

Changgye-Sungjeolsa Shrine (Hanja: 滄溪崇節祠) is a Confucian Shrine which is dedicated to Park Paeng-nyeon (1417-1456) and Park Sim-mun (died 1456), two Joseonese Ministers who attempted to restore King Danjong the Young back to the throne of Joseon Dynasty after forcibly dethroned by young king's uncle, Grand Prince Suyang Yi Yoo who later become King Sejo. Located at AnYeong-dong 560-beonji, Daejeon Jung-gu, the shrine is gazetted as Daejeon Metropole Cultural Material No. 2 on March 18th 1989 after Sammaedang (三梅堂) in Gayang 2-dong, Daejeon Dong-gu.

Park Paeng-nyeon is one of the four loyal subjects or specifically - one of the Six Martyred Ministers (사육신/死六臣/Sayukshin) who joined the restoration attempt of King Danjong the Young and was tortured to death. The reason behind the torture is Park Paeng-nyeon had purposefully misspelled words "royal servant" [he wrote the word meaning "huge" (巨/거) instead of "royal servant" (臣/신)] in all of his reports and never used royal grains but instead put them unused in a storage due to disloyalty against the newly-installed King Sejo. Park Sim-mun poisoned himself after hearing the news that his four loyal subjects were to be executed.

Stepping up to the shrine, there is a gate in the yin-yang shape. Passing through the gate, there is a shrine led by three different stairways. The name of Changgye-Sungjeolsa Shrine originated from Changgye, a former name of the Yudeongcheon Stream which flows in front of the Sungjeolsa Shrine.