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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Cheongcho Lake, Sokcho, Gangwon Province: Pristine Lake in Downtown Sokcho

Cheongcho Lake (Hanja: 靑草湖) is a large lake located at the precinct of Cheongho-dong, Sokcho City, Gangwon Province - three kilometers South from Yeongnang Lake. Shaped like a cow lying down or wine bottle, the five-meter wide Cheongcho Lake expands the estuary and is the gateway between Sokcho and East Sea (Sea of Japan). 

In Soya Pal-gyeong (8 scenic spots), It was called "Cheongho Magyeong" (blue lake mirror) for its clean and shinning water. The night scene and sunrise viewed from watchtower of International Tourist Exhibition are picturesque. Moreover, the species of birds observed reach as many as 216. An ecosystem park is under construction.

Cheongcho Lake is one of the major lakes of the east coast along with nearby Yeongnang Lake and Gangneung’s Gyeongpo Lake, and is widely known as a port connecting the river and the sea. There is a 73.4m tower symbolizing the "99 Gangwon International Tourism Expo" which is located nearby the lake, a theatre where visitors can enjoy IMAX movies, and a marina which offers sea cruises.