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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Royal Tomb of Empress Wondeok, Ganghwa County, Incheon Metropole: Mother of King Gojong Wang Cheol of Goryeo

Empress Wondeok of Yoo Clan (Hangul/Hanja: 원덕태후 유씨/元德太后 柳氏; Born: Unknown - Died: 1239) was the second consort of King Gangjong (강종왕/康宗王), the 22nd King of Goryeo Dynasty and mother of King Gojong Wang Cheol, the 23rd King of Goryeo Dynasty. She was known as Princess Yeondeok (연덕궁주) in 1212. She later changed her name into Queen Wondeok after her son, Wang Cheol ascended the throne as King Gojong.

Empress Wondeok lived during Goryeo Military Regime Timeline under the leadership of Choi Chung-heon (최충헌/崔忠獻) of Ubong Choi Clan (우봉 최씨/牛峰崔氏). King Gangjong and his father, King Myeongjong Wang Ho were routed to Ganghwa Island in the present-day Incheon Metropole by the military leader Choi Chung-heon. In 1210 Gangjong returned to the capital Gaegyeong (present-day Kaesong, DPRK), and he was given a royal title by King Huijong in the following year (1211). After Choi dethroned King Huijong as King of Goryeo on that year, Gangjong was placed on the throne.

Empress Wondeok was buried at the Goryeo Royal Tomb of Golleung (高麗坤陵) in Giljeong-ri san 75-beonji, Yangdo-myeon, Ganghwa County, Incheon Metropole. The tomb of the empress is located 2.8km north-east from Incheon Catholic University Ganghwa Campus at the neighboring village of Dojang-ri in the same commune.