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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Korean Twisted Mass Media, Part VI: Kyunghyang Shinmun (A Progressive-leaned Newspaper which Previously affiliated with the Korean Catholics)

The Kyunghyang Shinmun (Hanja/Romanization: 京鄕新聞/Gyeonghyang Sinmun) is a major daily newspaper published in South Korea. The headquarters of this daily is located at 3 Jeongdong Street/Jeongdong-gil, Jeongdong 22-beonji, Seoul Jung-gu; not far from Gyeonghui Palace - one of the Five Jewel Palaces of Joseon Dynasty. The name literally means Urbi et Orbi Daily News.

Kyunghyang Shinmun was founded in 1946 by the Catholic Church, which explains its name. Before the Korean War, it was edited by Fr. Peter Ryang, a refugee from the North, and its circulation was 100,000. Kyunghyang Shinmun was temporarily closed down in May 1959 by the Syngman Rhee's administration on grounds of having printed "false editorials", but revived after the pro-democracy April Revolution of 1960. The newspaper is no longer associated with the Catholic Church.

It later came to be owned by Hanwha Group. Hanwha relinquished its control of the newspaper after the 1997 Asian financial crisis, at the same time as Hanhwa's competitor Hyundai gave up its own daily, the Munhwa Ilbo. In 1998, Kyunghyang Shinmun became an independent newspaper with employee ownership. The CEO is elected by the employees; the editor-in-chief, though appointed by the CEO, must be approved by a majority of the journalist-employees.

The newspaper employs 600 people, including 240 journalists and maintains foreign bureaus in Washington D.C., Tokyo and Beijing. It reports 1.3 million daily visitors to its website and 6.2 million daily page-views. The company also publishes a daily sports newspaper (Sports Kyunghyang/스포츠경향), a weekly news magazine (The Jugan Kyunghyang/주간경향) and a monthly lifestyle magazine for women (The Lady Kyunghyang/레이디경향).

Like the newer daily The Hankyoreh, Kyunghyang Shinmun leans toward anti-government reporting, describing itself as "moderate progressive". Two news press agencies, Hankyoreh and Oh My News banded up with the Kyunghyang Shinmun to form the alliance of anti-government reporting which is known as HanKyungOh (한경오).