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Monday, 6 April 2015

Hiatus Intermission: First Blood has drawn during my Birthday.

April 6th remarks the first day of Final Examination in Port Dickson Polytechnic - goodness! It's my birthday! On the picture shows my first exam paper entitled Environmental Pollution and Control or colloquially known as EPC. Truthfully speaking, I didn't have any preparations to face this exam; I studied on the last minute along with my classmates in Polytechnic Grounds. I think this paper prompts me to think critically and logically though.

The exam was held at Dewan Wawasan (Main Hall of Port Dickson Polytechnic), started from 11.15 a.m to 1.15 p.m (+8), Malaysian Standard Time. On the first 15 minutes, I dazed out after hearing examination regulations. Ironically, I've fallen asleep after the exam starts! Then, I snapped out of it and started to write the answers. I finished answer all questions in an hour and half. It looks too damn easy, if I said so. 

1.15 p.m. I felt very relieved after the exam was finished for the first day. But, there are four papers to go and I have to beef 'em up for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have a day gap to prepare all those, except for my fourth paper - Structural Analysis Part II, gaping six days after Traffic Engineering. 

I hope that I will graduate with flying colors in this year. Wish me luck, folks!