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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Back to Business - My Fifth Semester was over!

Praise to the Lord - ALLAH the Almighty, I have finished my fifth semester in Port Dickson Polytechnic. Now, I have to submit hard-covered final project report and wait my final result for fifth semester. If I failed one of the subjects that I've taken in that semester, I will not eligible to proceed for the practical work in sixth semester unless if I completed 89 credit hours in order to achieve it. 

If this would be happened to me, I have to write a letter of disappointment to the practical workplace because the failure of one of the subjects taken in the last semester. Then, re-seat the failed papers until I pass for the practical work, in order to achieve full pledged 89 credit hours to proceed for practical.

Two-and-a-half-year I have spend my campus life in the Polytechnic, either I have faced sweet or bitter and gut-wrenching memories. I would like to thank you to all lecturers who guided me in achieving my higher aspiration as the assistant engineer. Insya-ALLAH, I will apply the knowledge that I've learned in the Polytechnic for my career purposes. 

From now on, starting from Black Day - Tuesday, 14th April 2015, 1146 hours KST, Moe-Korea Blog is returning to business after one busy and hectic month in my last semester. Please look forward for my next blog post.

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