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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bridges in Seoul, Part XVII: Magok Railway Bridge, A Railway that reserved for KORAIL-AREX Line

Magok Railway Bridge (Hanja: 麻谷鐵橋) is a railway bridge over the Han River, connecting from Magok-dong, Seoul Gangseo-gu to Hyeoncheon-dong, Goyang DeogYang-gu, Gyeonggi Province. As a part of KORAIL-AREX a.k.a KORAIL Airport Railroad Line, this bridge separates two railway stations which are Station A05: Gimpo International Airport in Gonghang-dong, Seoul Gangseo-gu and Station A04: Digital Media City (DMC) in SangAm-dong, Seoul Mapo-gu.

The bridge which is designed based on Warren Truss is a part of the Second Phase of KORAIL Airport Railroad Line Expansion from Gimpo International Airport Station to Seoul Station. This bridge with the span of 1.09km (0.677 miles) was built on January 2004 and completed in December 29th 2010.

Second Phase of KORAIL Airport Railroad Line Expansion occured from Gimpo International Airport Station to Seoul Station, which increased the length to 58km (36 miles). Including a depot section, the full length of the line is 61.7 km (38.3 mi). At Gimpo Airport the line is underground and heads north-east and rises to the surface to cross the Han River on the Magok Railway Bridge. The line descends into a tunnel and curves to the east. The line was built in a cut and cover tunnel running parallel to Susaek Station and Gajwa Station before connecting with DMC, Hongik University and Gongdeok-dong before terminating deep under ground on the west side of Seoul Station.