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Monday, 9 February 2015

Silla Superiority Complex, Part XXXI: Royal Tomb of King Jinji, Gyeongju, Northern Gyeongsang - Great-Grandfather of King Taejong-Muyeol the Great

King Jinji of Silla (Hanja: 眞智王) (died 24 August 579; Reigned: 576-579), whose born as Kim Sa-ryun (김사륜/金舍輪) or Kim Geum-ryun (김금륜/金金輪) was the twenty-fifth monarch of the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla. His wife was Lady Jido of the Park clan. He is Great-Grandfather of King Taejong-Muyeol the Great, the last monarch of Pre-Sillan Unification.

King Jinji was the second son of King Jinheung. He ascended to the throne three years after the death of his older brother, Crown Prince Dongnyun (동륜태자/銅輪太子) in 572, and later became the founder of the royal family lineage of King Taejong-Muyeol the Great.

Unfortunately, he was dethroned dishonorably by a coalition of nobles led or at least represented by Lady Mishil, a high-ranking official and his own concubine after four years since he was accused of having promiscuous behaviors. According to Mishil and her allies, the true chosen successor of King Jinheung was his grandson, Prince Baekjong (son of the first royal prince, Dongnyun), who became King Jinpyeong of Silla - the father of Queen Seondeok, first Queen of Silla Dynasty.

King Jinji was died in 24 August 579 and buried at Seoak-dong san 92-2 beonji, Gyeongju City, Northern Gyeongsang Province - next to the Royal Tomb of King Munseong.