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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Seomyeon First Street, Busan Busanjin-gu: Busan Vacance Style

As one of the busiest streets in Busan, Seomyeon First Street (Hanja/Romanization: 西面1番街/Seomyeon ilbeon-ga) in the vicinity of Bujeon-dong, Busan Busanjin-gu is also known as the Art Street. It stretches over 330m (8m in width) connecting former Cheonujang and the LG Service Center.

The street is bustling with life all day long, full of cafes, bars, and restaurants that offer delicious, but inexpensive food and drinks; naturally, it attracts many young people. In addition, it offers a wide array of entertainment spots such as movie theaters, performance halls, and game facilities. Every spring and fall, the street hosts fun festivals and performances, making it the most popular street in Busan. During weekends, diverse cultural events are held, providing visitors with an opportunity to enjoy street performances and plays as well as get themselves painted by artists. Both Koreans and international tourists are frequently seen on the street.

Located at the cross-section of Busan's two major subway lines, Seomyeon is a shopper's paradise, with three underground shopping complexes, a major department store, an outdoor market, and hundreds of small shops, cosmetics stores, and boutiques. Starting early and finishing late, shoppers flock here to snatch up the latest styles and to score a good deal. Leggy fashionistas sport short skirts year-round while their equally fashionable dates don shiny suits or model newer looks, such as cuffed slacks and deck shoes in the hottest colours.