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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Bridges in Seoul, Part XV: Wonhyo Bridge - A Bridge which is commemorated to the Most Venerable Monk during Silla Period

Wonhyo Bridge (Hanja: 元曉大橋) is a bridge crosses Han river, connecting from Wonhyoro 4-ga Precinct, Seoul Yongsan-gu to Yeouido Island in Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu. The bridge with main span of 1.12km (0.7 miles) is bestowed from the Most Venerable Buddhist Monk Wonhyo (617-686), a monk who spreading Buddhism teachings throughout Korean Peninsula during Post-Sillan Unification Period. The principal avenue for this bridge is Cheongpa Avenue (청파로/Cheongpa-ro). It was the 13th bridge to be built on the Han River.

The bridge is constructed in July 1978 and completed in October 27th 1981. A German Construction Firm, DYWIDAG-Systems International (formerly known as Dyckerhoff und Widmann Aktien Gesellschaft) with its local partner, Donga Construction delivered this extraordinary project through a concession contract including design and construction of the bridge. It is made of pre-stressed concrete components.

A film which is known as The Host (괴물) is taken in this bridge where Park Gang-du (acted by Song Kang-ho) is delivering food to some customers, he sees a crowd along the Han River. They witness a huge creature hanging from the Wonhyo Bridge, which then jumps into the water. At first, it seems as though the creature has swum away, encouraging the public to bait it back with food. 

Moments later, the creature rises out of the river and runs amok. After the creature causes chaos and kills a number of people, Gang-du and an American man attempt to kill the creature with a metal pole. They succeed only in angering it; the American is seriously injured, and the creature starts pursuing Gang-du. Gang-du grabs the hand of a girl whom he believes to be Park Hyun-seo (Go Ah-sung) and starts to flee. When he realizes he isn't holding Hyun-seo, he turns to see the creature running towards her. The creature then snatches Hyun-seo and dives back into the river.