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Friday, 27 February 2015

Bridges in Seoul, Part XIV: Dongho Bridge, KORAIL-Seoul Metro Line 3 in the middle of the bridge

Dongho Bridge (Hanja: 東湖大橋) is a cantilever bridge over the Han River; connecting from Oksu-dong, Seoul Seongdong-gu to Apgujeong-dong, Seoul Gangnam-gu. The principal avenue of this bridge is Dongho Avenue (Dongho-ro/동호로/東湖路). KORAIL-Seoul Metro Line 3 lies at the center of the bridge under the cantilever truss; connects from Station 335: Oksu (Interchange to KORAIL Gyeongui-JungAng Line - Station K113) to Station 336: Apgujeong.

It is the 15th bridge to be built on Han River. The construction of the bridge commenced in June 1980 and opened for traffic in February 2nd 1985. The bridge with the span of 1.1km (0.68 miles) reserved 11m width for railway tracks and 10.5m width each for double carriageway road tracks.