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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Take Fivers: Kore wa Zombie desu ka = Korean Zombie Desk Car?

Mixing individually cool things together does not make a cooler thing. Let it be known throughout the universe. If you put Meatloaf in Chocolate, It will not magically become awesome. If you put Ninjas in space, It will not spontaneously become a cool thing. Just because you have cool ideas, doesn’t mean you can slack off and forget about execution, and more importantly: Sense. Such is the case with Korean Zombie Desk Car (Actually called “Kore wa Zombie desuka” (which means “Is this a zombie?).

Another wordplay, eh? So, we have generated the craziest idea which associated the main characters of Kore wa Zombie desuka to five flagship Korean cars. Please look forward onto it!

Uh Oh. This zombie loves Korean Republic so much! 

Haruna: Buick Lacrosse-Alpheon CL300 LW9 V6 Epsilon II Platform

Eucliwood Hellscythe: Hyundai Equus-Centennial VS460 V8 Tau Engine

Kirara Hoshikawa (Sarasvati): Kia Cadenza K7 VG350 V6 Lambda Engine

Seraphim: Renault Samsung Tailsman SM7 Nova RE35 V6

Yuki Yoshida (Maelstrom): SsangYong Chairman W V8 5000