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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Taebaek Coal Museum, Taebaek City, Gangwon Province: Ex-coal mine on Taebaek Range

Taebaek Coal Museum (Hanja: 太白石炭博物館) is the mining museum located at Taebaek Mountain Range - 195 Cheonjedan Street/Cheonjedan-gil, MungokSodo-dong 166-beonji, Taebaek City, Gangwon Province, next to Mount Taebaek Provincial Park. The access fee to the museum cost 2000 won. Fortunately, someone who visited Mount Taebaek Provincial Park will be granted free access to the museum.

As the only natural energy source available in Korea, coal played its part as an important fuel for the industrial development of the nation. Now that the country relies more on cleaner energy sources, the demand for coal has been in steady decline and the coal industry is gradually losing its significance. The Taebaek Coal Museum is a place where you can learn about the history of Korea’s coal industry through the well-organized exhibitions.

This museum has displays on the Taebaek’s mining history, geology and geological history of Earth. There is limited information in English, but there are many interactive and educational displays that can be enjoyed without Korean language ability.

The area around Taebaek was a major coal mining area until the 90's when most of the mines were closed. The museum show coal mining methods and equipment from hundreds of years ago until the present, including the lives and living conditions of the miners and the health effects.

The museum also contains lots of rocks and fossils, and displays showing the history of Earth and how the minerals were created. The highlight of the museum are the interactive displays: The floor shakes when you enter the museum; The volcano display emits smoke, lights and sound; Other floors light up when you walk on them; the elevator rattles like those in a mine; one whole floor is built to look like a mine.