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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Lake Uiam, Chuncheon, Gangwon Province: The place where Soyang and Bukhan Rivers meet

Established in November 1967, the dam at Lake Uiam (Hanja: 衣岩湖) in Chuncheon is located at the point where the Bukhan and Soyang rivers meet. It was created to balance the flow of water to the Han River from Lake Soyang (the nation’s largest artificial lake) in the same city and Lake Paro in Hwacheon County. 

Sourced from Uiam-ri, Sindong-myeon, Chuncheon City, Gangwon Province - Lake Uiam is a great fishing area since the water level in the lake fluctuates depending on the amount of water discharged from Soyang and Paro Lakes. Unlike other dam-created lakes, it has a flat bottom with plenty of water grass growing in and around the water, making it the perfect place for carp fishing. Carp is the main catch from the early spring to the late fall and in winter, the lake is a great spot for ice fishing (mainly minnow and smelt). 

A bicycle path skirts the lake from Ethiopia Café round to the Korean War Memorial, the Soyang River Maiden statue and beyond. The memorial is dedicated to the Battle of Chuncheon and Hongcheon during the beginning of Korean War (1950~1953), when outnumbered South Korean defenders at Chuncheon held back the invading Communist North Koreans. The route makes a particularly attractive ride just before sunset. There’s bicycle rental from a stall opposite the Ethiopia Café.

The two large islands of Bungeoseom and Jungdo are located in middle of the lake. Not only a good fishing spot, the lake offers beautiful natural scenery and is easily accessible from Chuncheon City via public transportation.