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Friday, 30 January 2015

Korean Play Ball, Part IV: kt wiz - everything is in small caps.

kt wiz (Hangul: 케이티 위즈) is a South Korean professional baseball team founded in 2013. They were a member of the Freedom Division of the Korea Baseball Futures League, which is not affiliated with Korea Baseball Organization. On January 11 of 2013, Korean Baseball Organization officially approved of kt Baseball Club' admission to Korean Professional Baseball League start off 2015 season.

Their home stadium is Suwon kt wiz park a.k.a Suwon Baseball Stadium in 893 Gyeongsu Boulevard/Gyeongsu-daero, Jowon-dong 775-beonji, Suwon Jangan-gu, Gyeonggi Province. This stadium was the home of the Hyundai Unicorns of the Korea Baseball Organization from 2000 to 2007, but Unicorns was changed into Nexen Heroes and moved its home stadium to Mokdong Baseball Stadium. The stadium with a capacity of 14,465 spectators is now the home of the kt wiz.

kt wiz, the 10th professional baseball team in Korea which was the result of local baseball fans’ strong desire combined with the passion for creating a team to represent Suwon was newly launched with a team name, Wiz (abbreviation to the word Wizard in English), implying a willingness to become an ideal team with its mysterious power.

kt wiz is organizing coaching staff to become giants through long term plans. Large-scale expansion and renovation are to be done to its baseball stadium in Suwon and Yeoju, which will provide practice field to its farm team has the best quality facilities including auxiliary stadiums, training centers and restaurants. kt wiz has been focusing on fostering a strong team based on systemic baseball and solid infrastructure in the long term. After training in camp and playing in the 2014 Futures League, kt wiz will make successful debut in the first division league in 2015 to show magical baseball as its name implies.

Taking advantage of the 'BIC Tainment developed based on kt’s ICT technology, it plans to provide baseball fans with distinctive baseball content as well as a ballpark where everyone can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable baseball games.

In response to great support that citizens of Gyeonggi and Suwon have shown, kt wiz will carry out its vision of being a great team pursuing fun and entertainment by providing a pleasant leisure culture, and in the meantime, developing a variety of new marketing strategies.