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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Korean Play Ball, Part III: Nexen Heroes - Need New Tires? Support Nexen Heroes for Nexen Tires Special Promotions!

Nexen Heroes (Hangul: 넥센 히어로즈) are a South Korean professional baseball team based in Seoul. They are a member of the Korea Baseball Championship and compete in the annual KBO Championship which culminates in the Korean Series. The Heroes mascot is Teokdori (턱돌이; Mr. Jaw).

The franchise was originally known as the Sammi Superstars and had subsequent incarnations as the Chongbo Pintos and Pacific Dolphins. The team was renamed the Hyundai Unicorns after being sold to Hyundai in 1996, and was relocated from Incheon to Suwon. The Unicorns won the KBO championship four times (1998, 2000, 2003 and 2004), with only the Haitai Tigers (now Kia Tigers) having a better record of championship victories. But in 2008, the team was disbanded.

After that, Centennial Investments founded a new team called Woori Heroes. Unlike the other Korean Professional Baseball teams, the Heroes are owned by a collection of individuals headed by Lee Jang-seok, instead of being owned by its naming sponsor. But during the 2008 season, Woori broke the naming sponsor deal, citing that the Heroes has not paid the full founding fee to the KBO yet, forcing the team to trade most of its star players for cash. For the rest of 2008 season and the 2009 season, the team used only "Heroes" for its name. 

On February 8, 2010, naming rights were sold to Nexen Tires. The Heroes play their home games at the Mokdong Baseball Stadium in 939 Anyang Stream Road/Anyangcheonno, Mokdong 914-beonji, Seoul Yangcheon-gu. The stadium with the capacity of 12,500 spectators is accessible by using SMRT Line 5 to Station 521: Omokgyo Station (Mokdong Stadium) [Hangul/Hanja/Romanization: 오목교역 (목동운동장앞)/梧木橋驛 (木洞運動場앞)/Omokgyo-yeok (Mokdong Undongjang-ap - In front of Mokdong Stadium)].

Like other baseball teams in Korea (and contrary to most professional teams in other sports around the world) the team is known primarily by the name of the sponsor, occasionally as their nickname, and never as the city in which they are based. Remember, if you want to change your old tires to Nexen Tires, please show your undying support to your beloved team - the Nexen Heroes. Drive this team to victory, folks!