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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Korean Joga Bonito, Part III: Ansan Police FC

Ansan Police Football Club, commonly known as Police FC, is a South Korean football club. Police FC's players comprise Korean professional footballers who are serving their two-year military duty; mandatory to all able-bodily Korean Males. Police FC have played in the K League Challenge since 2013 and, starting from the 2014 season, play their home games in Ansan.

Originally founded as National Police Department FC in 1961, the club changed its name to Seoul Police Department FC in 1962 then back to its original name in 1967. During its history it won a number of competitions such as the Korean President's Cup National Football Tournament and the Korea Semi-Professional Football League in the 1960s before it was dissolved in November 1967. The club was reinstated in 1996, and it partly consisted of players serving their compulsory two-year military duty, similar to the other military club Sangju Sangmu FC.

Ansan Police FC's Home Pitch: Ansan Wa~ Stadium
Ansan Wa~ Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium at 260 Hwarang Avenue/Hwarangno, Choji-dong 666-1 beonji, Ansan Danwon-gu, Gyeonggi Province. It's currently served as home stadium for Ansan Police FC. 

While under construction it was known as 'Ansan Stadium'. After the public subscription during the construction, the formal name 'Ansan Wa~ Stadium' was selected. 'Wa' means harmonious cheering and the wave notation (~) represents the extension of that sound. The stadium was opened in 2006 and has a capacity of 35,000 people. 

It is used mostly for football matches and athletics. 2013 HSBC Asia 5 Nations Rugby was held in Wa~ Stadium. The stadium is located next to Station 451: Gojan Station (Korea University Ansan Hospital) on KORAIL-Seoul Metro Line 4.