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Friday, 9 January 2015

Confucian Confusions in Korea, Part XXVI: Jaun Seowon, Beobwon-Dongmun, Paju, Gyeonggi Province

This is Beobwon-eup in Paju City, town of BIG BOOBIES.
The Jaun Seowon (Hanja: 紫雲書院) in Dongmun-ri san 5-1 beonji, Beobwon-eup, Paju, Gyeonggi Province is home to the tablets of Yulgok Yi I, a great scholar of the Joseon Dynasty. Yulgok was born in his mother’s childhood home, the Ojukheon Villa in Gangneung in December 26th 1536, the 31st year of King Jungjong’s reign. 

The site is home to the Memorial Hall (free admission) where artifacts related to Yulgok and his mother Shin Saimdang are on exhibit. The tomb of Yulgok Yi I is located to the west of the Memorial Hall and sits above the tomb of Shin Saimdang with the tombs of other relatives. It is unique that the tomb of Yi I is above that of his mother. 

The site is home to the memorial hall building as well as the family tombs, tombstones, Sammun and Munseongmun gates, Yulgok Education and Training Center, a lawn plaza, pond, mineral spring, and a room where memorial services are held. In early October every year, the Yulgok Culture Festival, a major festival of Paju, is held beginning with the ritual service offered in memory of Yulgok.