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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Parks around Han River in Seoul, Part XI: Nanji Hangang Park

As part of the Hangang Renaissance project, Nanji Hangang Park (Hanja: 蘭芝漢江公園) transformed into an eco-friendly theme park that should attract visitors from around the world. Located at 162 Hangang-Nanji Avenue/HangangNanji-ro, Sangam-dong 487-116 beonji, Seoul Mapo-gu, near to Seoul Sang-am World Cup Stadium - Nanji Hangang Park has recently been opened in commemoration of the new millennium as well as the first FIFA World Cup in Asia, together with Japan. This park which used as the former landfill in the past is equipped with various facilities for leisure let alone Ecological Wetlands as the park in the 21st century. 

The park consists of camping grounds, ferry cruise piers and waterfront plaza in the higher area and a Multifunctional pasture and lawn plaza at the center and Ecological Wetlands in the lower area. With camping grounds, lawn plaza, Korea traditional archery field and Parking lot, Nanji Park provides almost every need for the leisure activities of the citizens.

The theme of the park is energy conservation. In the summer months there is an outdoor swimming pool right on the banks of the Han River. Nanji Hangang Park is a haven for sports enthusiasts. There is a football field, 2 basketball courts, a volleyball court, 5 badminton courts, a swimming pool, exercise facilities, a  Korean traditional archery field, a bike trail / bike rental and a whole range of water activities including water skiing and wind surfing. Also there is a large camping area available with BBQ sets, toilets and showers, free of charge for campers.

The Park will feature the Nanji Eco-Wetland, Nanji Campground and a marina. Also, there will be a specially designed area where visitors can enjoy extreme sports such as inline skating and BMX. A riverside swimming pool, the Water Plaza, and a riverside stage will be set up as well. Visitors will be able to relax and take a leisurely stroll around the park. The park is accessible by using SMRT Line 6, either by stopping at Station 620: Seoul Mapo-gu Office Station or Station 619: World Cup Stadium-Seongsan Station.