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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Parks around Han River in Seoul, Part X: Mangwon Hangang Park

Located in northern end of the riverside between Yanghwa Bridge and Seongsan Bridge, Mangwon Hangang Park (Hanja: 望遠漢江公園) which stretches 8.8 km is located at 467 Maponaru Street/Maponaru-gil, Mangwon 1-dong 205-4 beonji, Seoul Mapo-gu. With a lawn in the riverside along Gangbyeon Highway, it gives a broad view. 

It offers lush grass perfect for picnics and promenades. Since it’s located close to the World Cup Stadium, this spacious park is often full of residents and visitors. There is a good recreational area like a walk path and various water sports going on the river such as wind surfing, water skiing, and motor boating. And there are Mangwonjeong Pavilion, Jeoldusanseongji (the site of the Jeoldu mountain fortress wall) and Jeoldusan Martyrs' Shrine near by. 

This place a particular to be a strategically important area in the northwest region of Seoul along with the Nanji Hangang Park that will be connected to the Seoul Sang-am World Cup Main Stadium, Gyeong-in canal, and the Incheon International Airport. The park is accessible by using SMRT Line 6 to Station 621: Mangwon.