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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Namo Palbeon Daebosal, Part XXV: Beopgwangsa, Pohang Buk-gu, Northern Gyeongsang

The official mascots of Pohang City are bouncing on Hiryuu's BIG Boobies.
Beopgwangsa Temple (Hanja: 法廣寺) is located at the foot of Mount Bihak in 290 SangEup Street/SangEup-gil, SangEup-ri 875-beonji, Singwang-myeon, Pohang Buk-gu, Northern Gyeongsang Province. It was originally built during the reign of King Jinpyeong (579-631) of the Silla Kingdom by Great Monk Wonhyo upon the order of the king. Unfortunately, all of its original structures were burnt during the Japanese Imjin Invasions (1592-1598). There is also a stele erected during the reign of King Yeongjo of Joseon Dynasty (r.1724-1776) to commemorate repairs on the sarira pagoda, which indicates the temple remained important until that time.

The temple used to be large measuring 525 kan (kan is a traditional measurement of distance between two columns, about 1.8 meters), but most of its buildings burned down again in a fire in 1863. The current buildings were rebuilt in 1952. The site of the old temple is designated as Historical Site no. 493. Some of the remaining relics are a three-story pagoda, Bulsangyeonhwadaejwa/불상연화대좌 (Buddha on a lotus stand), and a twin Ssanggwibu/쌍귀부 (turtle-shaped stone base of a monument).