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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Kings of Joseon Dynasty, Part XXVII (FINAL): Emperor Sunjong-Yunghui (Yi Cheok) - Last King of Joseon Dynasty and Emperor of short-lived Korean Empire

Yumi attends the Last Supper for Emperor Sunjong-Yunghui with her imperial-styled outfit.
Finally, the column of Joseon Dynasty Kings' Chronicles will be closed permanently by ending this column with the introduction of Emperor Sunjong-Yunghui, Final Ruler of Joseon Dynasty and Korean Empire. 

Emperor Sunjong-Yunghui, previously known as Imperial Crown Prince Gunbang (Hanja: 純宗隆熙皇帝, [君邦皇太子]; Born: 25 March 1874 – Died: 24 April 1926; Reigned: 1907-1910), born Yi Cheok (이척/李坧) was 27th and Final King of Joseon Dynasty as well as the Final Emperor of Korean Empire

When the Japanese forced the Emperor Gojong-Gwangmu, to abdicate his throne in 1907, they enthroned his oldest living son (actually the fourth-born) as the new Emperor Yunghui. The new emperor, Sunjong, was also the son of the Empress Myeongseong of Yeoheung Min Clan, who had been assassinated by Japanese agents when her son was 21 years old.

Sunjong ruled for just three years and his reign ended with the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty in 22 August 1910 and the Japanese abolished the Korean Empire, ending 519 years of Korean rule under the Imperial Family of Jeonju Yi Clan. After the annexation treaty the former emperor Sunjong and his wife, Empress Sunjeonghyo of Haepyeong Yoon Clan, lived the rest of their lives virtually imprisoned in Changdeok Palace at Seoul Jongno-gu.

Emperor Sunjong died on 24 April 1926 in Changdeok Palace and is buried with his two wives, Empresses Sunmyeonghyo and Sunjeonghyo at the Imperial Tomb of Yureung (裕陵), a part of the Imperial Tomb of Hongyureung in Geumgok-dong 141-2 beonji, Namyangju City, Gyeonggi Province. He was posthumously known as Emperor Sunjong Mun-on Mu-nyeong Don-in Seonggyeong, Emperor Hyo of Korean Empire (순종문온무녕돈인성경효황제(純宗文溫武寧敦仁誠敬孝皇帝).

Based on Emperor Sunjong-Yunghui's Last Will in 1926, he swore that the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty of 1910 was signed forcibly by the Korean Ministers who pressured and bribed by Japanese Imperialists. It was believed that Empress Sunjeonghyo hided the Imperial Seal of Emperor Sunjong-Yunghui at the first place but unfortunately, a particular person confiscated the seal. The party who signed and agreed the nullified treaty is the Korean Ministers who agreed with Japanese Imperialists silently before the Actual Signing Ceremony of that treaty. 

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