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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Admin's Rants and Shits, Part VI: Traffic Summons and Broken Desktop

I still remember when several days after Eid, I collided a car and ricocheted with a taxi at the junction to Petron Gas Station at Port Dickson Town. I drove Kia Spectra, bumped another two cars: a Proton Wira and Ye Olde Nissan Cedric Cab. Serious frontal damage on Proton Wira is detected and Nissan Cedric's Rear bumper was broken on the scene. The Traffic Officer came to the place and witnessed the collision. For your information, if you confronted the accident, all reports will be forwarded to the Traffic Division in the Police Department. That day I was fined RM300 for reckless driving. Thank god, I have paid the RM300 fine earlier today, a month before the deadline.

As a polytechnic student, computer is an essential for finishing assignments, reports and theses. Unfortunately, my computer broke down. I, my brother and my father were put on blame in this situation because we used that computer exceeding time usage. That's why the motherboard goes kaput. My mother called Brother Sugu to repair the computer. He told me yesterday, if the price of the replacement motherboard is more expensive than the new desktop, he advised me to buy new desktop. I feel very frustrated because I can't complete my pending assignments, making new posts in the blog and preparing for new Moe-Korean Projects. At least, I have to spend my time at Cyber Cafe inside PD Polytechnic to complete assignments and it costs my money though.

JR, I'm very sorry to postpone our next project because of these shitstorms. Patience is golden.