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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Silla Superiority Complex, Part XXI: Royal Tomb of King Heon-an, Gyeongju, Northern Gyeongsang Province - Sillan Agro-lover King

King Heon-an of Silla (Hangul/Hanja: 헌안왕/憲安王; died 861) (Reigned: 857–861), whose born as Kim Eui-jeong (김의정/金誼靖) was the 47th king of the Silla kingdom of Korea. He was the younger half-brother of King Sinmu a.k.a Kim Woo-jing. What little we know of his reign comes from the Samguk Sagi.

Following a famine in the year 859, he sent relief to the peasants and supported agriculture through the construction of irrigation works. Being without any heir, King Heon-an chose his relative Kim Eung-ryeom as his heir. After his demise, Kim Eung-ryeom took the throne, becoming King Gyeongmun. His tomb in Seoak-dong 92-2 beonji, Gyeongju, Northern Gyeongsang was known as the Gongjakji (공작지/孔雀趾).

Applied with the simplest style, this is a circle ground mound of 43m height and 15.3m width. The bottom circumference was surrounded by circle stone and only several of the stone remain. Its inside is assumed to be constructed as a stone chamber tomb. The Royal Tomb of King Heon-an is situated near to the Royal Tomb of King Taejong-Muyeol the Great and Seoak-dong Tumuli Site in the same precinct.