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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Silla Superiority Complex, Part XVII: Royal Tomb of King Michu-Isageum, Gyeongju, Northern Gyeongsang - First Sillan King who is originated from the Royal House of Gyeongju Kim

King Michu-Isageum of Silla (Hanja: 味鄒泥師今) was the thirteenth ruler of the Korean state of Silla (Died: 284; Reigned: 262-284). He was the first king of the Royal House of Gyeongju Kim to sit on the Silla throne; this clan would hold the throne for most of Silla's later history, succeeded from King Cheomhae-Isageum of the Royal House of Wolseong Seok. 

He was the son of Gudo, a leading Silla general, and the sixth-generation descendant of the clan founder Kim Alji. He married Lady Gwangmyeong (석씨 광명부인/昔氏光明夫人) of the Royal House of Wolseong Seok.

During Michu's reign, the Samguk Sagi reports numerous attacks from Baekje, and does not mention any contact with the other neighboring states. Michu's tomb is preserved in Hwangnam-dong 89-2 beonji, Gyeongju, Northern Gyeongsang. Various legends pertain to this burial mound, which is known as the Jukjangneung (죽장릉/竹長陵), or "Bamboo chief tomb."

Although records of his era are not abundant, he seemed to have large interests on agriculture. In 264, he visited the peasant people to encourage them during a severe famine. In 268, subjects were dispatched by Michu to hear concerns of people. Additionally, he was quite compassionate in that he turned down the requirement of rebuilding palaces for the reason that the people shouldn't labor too much.