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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Silla Superiority Complex, Part XIII: Royal Tomb of King Gyeong-ae, Gyeongju, Northern Gyeongsang

King Gyeong-ae of Silla (경애왕/景哀王) whose born as Park Wi-eung (Hangul/Hanja: 박위응/朴魏膺; died 927) (Reigned: 924–927) was the 55th and the second last ruler of the Korean kingdom of Silla. He was the son of King Sindeok and Queen Uiseong, and was the younger brother of King Gyeongmyeong (54th Monarch of Silla Kingdom), who preceded him to the throne.

Gyeong-ae ascended the Silla throne in the midst of the Later Three Kingdoms period, and thus ruled over only a small portion of what had once been Unified Silla. In the end, even that last small portion was overwhelmed by Hubaekje forces under Gyeon Hwon.

When Gyeon Hwon's army of HuBaekje (Later Baekje) sacked Gyeongju as the Royal Capital of Silla in 927, they found Gyeong-ae partying at the Poseokjeong pavilion. The king committed suicide rather than surrender. Gyeon Hwon set the Last King - the 56th Monarch of Silla Kingdom, King Gyeongsun of the Royal House of Gyeongju Kim on the throne in his stead, and returned to the west. 

King Gyeongae was buried on the foot of Mount Namsan (Specific Location: Baedong san 73-1 beonji, Gyeongju Northern Gyeongsang Province). His tomb is called "Haemongnyeong."