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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Mount Ganwol, Ulju County, Ulsan Metropole: Home of Ganwoljae Pass

Mount Ganwol (Hangul/Hanja: 간월산/肝月山) is a mountain inside Rural Area of Ulsan Metropole (Specific Location: DeungEok-ri, Sangbuk-myeon, Ulju County) with an elevation of 1,083.1 m above sea level (3,553 ft). Located inside the Yeongnam Alps, this mountain flanked with Mount Goheon, Mount Gaji, Mount Unmun, Mount Cheonhwang, Mount Sinbul and Mount Chwiseo. A pass which is called Ganwoljae (간월재) is located on the path between the mountain to Mount Sinbul. 

Mount Ganwol is a popular destination for hikers in the Ulsan and Busan area as well as other regions of Southern Gyeongsang Province. In early August, the reeds and lilies near the summit create a splendid view. To the west, the deep Naerijeong and Wangbonggol valleys channel clean water to Baenaegol Valley. 

From the Ganwol Gogae Ridge, follow the Singallo Path to Wangbonggol towards Paraeso Falls. There you will find a cave called Jungnimgul, which is sacred Catholic ground often visited by the Catholic faithful. The first church built by Catholics in the Yeongnam region to escape persecution is found in Buldanggol (Ganwolgol) Valley in Mount Ganwol area. The tomb of Agatha Kim (Born: 1836 - Martyred: 1860) who died in persecution is also in the Ganwolgol Valley.