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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Koihime Musou Girls and Famous Koreans, Part XXII: Guan Yu and Jo Kwan-woo

Jo Kwanwoo (조관우) whose born as Jo Kwangho (조광호) (Born: August 3, 1965) is a Korean singer. Graduated from National High School of Traditional Arts in Seoul Geumcheon-gu, he is involved in the Yedang Entertainment Company. His father is Jo Tongdal (조통달/趙通達), who is a pansori singer. He has appeared on MBC's I Am a Singer/나는 가수다. He is a member of Gimje Jo Clan (김제 조씨/金堤趙氏), a clan which is originated from Gimje City, Northern Jeolla Province

Jo Kwanwoo is a falsettist who debuted in 1994. Born to a family of Korean traditional musicians, Jo Kwanwoo was inspired by the melodies and rhythms of Korean traditional music. With his unique tone color and melodies based on Korean traditional music, Jo Kwanwoo enjoyed much popularity until he released his 3rd official album. 

However, in 1997, Jo was sued for having been involved in an adultery case that led him to many difficulties for continuing his career as a performer. Jo Kwanwoo attempted to make a comeback on the main stages of Korean pop music with his 5th album, but saw little response from the public. Since then, Jo has been concentrating on performing small live stages before audiences of older ages.

Jo Kwanwoo with his father, Jo Tongdal.