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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Confucian Confusions in Korea, Part XXIII: Namwon Hyanggyo, Namwon, Northern Jeolla - Love Lessons inside Confucian Academy

Poor Chiyoda. I think that those Confucian Scholars want to 'make love' with her...

Namwon Hyanggyo (Hanja: 南原鄕校) in 43 Hyanggyo Alley/Hyanggyo-gil, Hyanggyo-dong 512-beonji, Namwon City, Northern Jeolla Province is a national secondary educational institute for students in the Namwon area built during the Joseon Dynasty. The hyanggyo was built in 1410 (10th Reigning Year of King Taejong Yi Bang-won).

The school is located at the foot of Mount Daegok. It was opened to enshrine the tablets of Hyeon Yu and provide education to the local people. Enshrined in the school are the tablets of the Five Sages, the Four Wise Men of the Song Dynasty, and the 18 Wise Men of Korea. The main building of Daeseongjeon (대성전/大成殿) is designated as the 8th Northern Jeolla Provincial Tangible Cultural Asset.