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Friday, 25 July 2014

Confucian Confusions in Korea, Part XXIV: Nokdong Seowon, Dalseong County, Daegu Metropole - A Seowon that commemorated to Naturalised Joseon Citizen-Japanese General Kim Chung-seon

The Nokdong Seowon (Hanja: 鹿洞書院) in 218 Urok Street/Urok-gil, Urok-ri 585-beonji, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong County, Daegu Metropole, South Korea was erected in 1789 to worship the memory of General Mohadang Kim Chung-seon (Born: 1571 – Died: 1642), a Japanese general who defected to Korea during the Japanese invasion (1592–1598). It is located opposite to Dalseong Korea-Japan Friendship Center at 206 Urok Street/Urok-gil, Urok-ri 175-1 beonji in the same commune.

General Kim Chung-seon was a Japanese general but was naturalized as a Joseon citizen during the Japanese Imjin Invasion. He rendered distinguished services to Joseon during the Imjin Invasion (1592~1598) and Chinese-Qing Byeongja Invasion in 1636. You can visit a Nokdongsa Shrine, Hyangyang-mun Gate, Dalseong Korea Japan Friendship Center, etc.

This seowon was abolished in 1864 as part of the regent Heungseon Daewongun's general campaign against the seowons, but was re-established in 1914 under the Japanese colonial regime. The Nokdong Seowon remains a popular destination for Japanese tourists in Daegu.