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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Thanks for 40K hits, especially for Korean Anime-haters who pouring your hatred to me.

First of all, I would like to thank you for supporting this blog for the turbulent month of May. I have seen the emergence of South Korean pageviews to 2068 views, which totaled up to 6728 views which is the highest for May 2014. I feel very happy to see the Koreans who visited my blog unfortunately, they visited there because of an outrage where I include Shimakaze of Kantai Collection and  Eucliwood Hellscythe of Kore wa Zombie Desuka with the background featuring the big altar of Sewol-ho victims.

At the first thought, I don't know how they were angry to me in any Korean Naver Blogs. That day, a Daegu Netizen which is known as Kwon Deok-hwan scolded me on these pictures and advised me to change them into proper pictures. He felt that the way I expressed to the victims is wrong because I 'turn on the trance and techno music during the funeral'. It is impolite to express like that so, I changed my way to give condolences to Sewol-ho Sinking victims.

I would like to thank for Deok-hwan who guided me on how to express the condolences to the victims in proper manner. For the Korean Anime-haters, thanks for pouring your hot and boiled Kimchi to me. With this hot Kimchi broth, I'm still standing on my principle and bitchin' as always.

I want to remind you, Korean Netizens. If you noticed that I am doing anything wrong, please advise me in proper manner - NOT to blame me relentlessly. If you blame me with some Korean swearing words (e.g: Ssibal, ssibal-saekki etc.)... Yongseo-neun Eopda. I'll never forgive you.