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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Pyeongchon Central Park, Anyang Dongan-gu, Gyeonggi Province: Central Park of Anyang

Pyeongchon Central Park (Hanja: 坪村中央公園) in 149 Gwanpyeong Avenue/Gwanpyeongno, PyeongAn-dong 895-beonji, Anyang Dongan-gu, Gyeonggi Province sits next to the Acro Tower, caddy corner from Rodeo Street to the northwest and Hagwon-ga (Academy Street) to the south, with Anyang City Hall at Burim-dong 1590-beonji - one block directly north. It is a large modern park dominated by a complex fountain system connected by artificial streambeds.

The park includes tennis courts, a soccer field, basketball courts, badminton courts, croquet lawn, in-line skate park, an outdoor theater, concession stand, and an X-game court, where skaters can practice stunts. There are also quite a few statues and fountains. A free large community aerobics class takes place regularly in the evenings at the outdoor theater, where free concerts are sometimes held.

The street on the park's north side is closed off to traffic on weekends, and used for flea markets and as a course for kids to drive tiny cars and motorcycles. This park is accessible by using KORAIL-Seoul Metro 4 by stopping either Station 441: Pyeongchon (Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital)/평촌역 (한림대성심병원)/坪村驛 (翰林大聖心病院)/Pyeongchon-yeok (Hallym-dae Seongshim Byeongwon) or Station 442: Beomgye Station/범계역/범계驛.