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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Parks around Han River in Seoul, Part VII: Yeouido Hangang Park

Indeed, we have blackmailed her five months ago and guess what? She's back.
Yeouido Hangang Park (Hanja: 汝矣島漢江公園) in 330 Yeoui Eastern Road/Yeouidongno, Yeouido-dong 8-beonji, Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu is located on Yeouido Island - the main financial, government and broadcasting area of Seoul. Plus, you might brace yourselves for any threats of Korean Political Shitstorms

Yeouido Hangang Park is one of the most popular Hangang Parks as it has a lot to offer and it is conveniently located in the centre of Seoul. A whole range of year round events and activities are available and enjoyed by many. Located in the park is the Hangang Yeouido Supia Theme Park. In summer outdoor swimming pools are available, while in winter they are turned into ice skating rinks. In Autumn there are festivals and a firework show while in spring people enjoy the thousands of cherry blossoms located in and around Yeouido Hangang Park.

Located in the center of the Metropolitan Seoul, Yeouido Hangang Park stretches 3.8km from the upstream Saetgang to the southern end of the riverside of the Seogang Bridge and is surrounded by National Assembly Building, the Hanwha Group's 63 (Yook-sam) Building, broadcasting stations of KBS, MBC and SBS as well as lots of financial institutions. Bamseom and Saetgang in this area have been mostly well preserved as its natural state. 

On the riverside, there are so many leisure facilities such as outdoor stage, pleasure boat ferry etc, more than any other parks so that a lot of people visit here continually. Above all, "Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park" and the "Woori Flower Garden" of Yeouinaru established in 1997 are loved by lots of people as nature study for students and walking course as well. Besides, Bamseom is a paradise of various migratory birds. There is no access to Bamseom for the general public. There are a few observatory points which are used to study the birds’ activities but special permission is needed to visit them.

At Yeouido Hangang Park there is plenty for everyone to do. In summer months a visit to Yeouido Supia Theme Park is highly recommended. For people interested in sports there are plenty of things to do. They have a golf course, in-line skate park, a multi purpose sports area, courts for all types of sports and a bike trail. For those who wish to relax you can find plenty of quite green areas, benches, water-friendly terraces and fields with different themes.There is also an ecological park and a nature exploration area.

The park offers exciting events year-round: the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring, the World Fireworks Festival in the fall, as well as concerts, and marathons. Well-preserved natural areas such as Bamseom and Yeouido Saetgang Tributary provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about nature and ecology. In addition, thanks to the Hangang Renaissance Project, the park is full of new attractions: the Water Light Square, Waterside Fountains, the Waterside Stage, Festival Land, the Piano Waterway, Waterfalls of Light, the Yacht Marina and more. 

Same as Banpo Hangang Park, Seoul Metro 9 runs around the Yeouido Hangang Park and most importantly, in Yeouido Island, there are three stations to choose by stopping at the park; Stations 916, 915 and 914: Saetgang - Yeouido=Interchange to SMRT Line 5: Station 526 - National Assembly (Gukhoe Uisadang-yeok/국회의사당역/國會議事堂驛). You can also stop to Station 527: Yeouinaru Station on SMRT Line 5.