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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Parks around Han River in Seoul, Part VI: Ichon Hangang Park

Ichon Hangang Park (Hanja: 二村漢江公園) in 62 Ichon Avenue 72nd Street/Ichonno 72-gil, Ichon 1-dong 302-17 beonji, Seoul Yongsan-gu is located north of the Han River. Across the banks is the Banpo Hangang Park. Ichon Park is located nearby to the National Museum of Korea. Ichon Park is great for strolling alongside the river bank while viewing all the flowers and plants that are planted here. For people who like to get out and do sports, there is plenty to do here. There is an X-Games Centre where you can roller skate and skateboard.  A roller skate rink, plenty of courts and fields for all different types of sports, a swimming pool, a bike trail which follows the river for 10 kilometres and all the usual facilities you will find in Hangang Parks such as toilets, showers, dressing rooms, fountains, playgrounds and shops.

Located in the northern end of the riverside between Hannam Bridge, the span of Ichon Hangang Park is 8km long. Along the riverside with a variety of flowers of rapes, evening primroses, reeds, eulalias and cosmoses in full blossom season, many people choose this place for a walk and jogging. There are Youth plaza and 10 types of playgrounds for soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, gateball and tennis etc. Since roller-skating rinks has been completed in 1998, they have been used as the favorite place for some international competition. In addition the ferry point of Geobukseon [turtle-ship] is the right place many people can learn more about the most distinguished patriotic services of Admiral Chungmugong Yi Sunshin during the Imjin Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592.

Your joyful experience in the park doesn’t end here - there are more things to see and enjoy including a nature experience center, water sports, Cha Bum-kun football class, and Nodeulseom Island. KORAIL Rail Lines (i.e: Seoul Metro Line 1, Seoul Metro Line 4 and Jungang Line K1) run along Ichon Hangang Park, there are four stations to choose by stopping at the park; Along Jungang Line - Station K110~K112: Yongsan=Interchange to KORAIL-Seoul Metro Line 1: Station 135 and KTX Lines - Ichon (National Museum of Korea)=Interchange to KORAIL-Seoul Metro Line 4: Station 430 - Seobinggo and KORAIL-Seoul Metro Line 4 to Station 429: SinYongsan Station.